Find Fill Storage is a warehousing marketplace for businesses looking to find short or long-term storage for palletised goods and warehouse operators looking to fill their warehouse. The platform was built to fill the need for on-demand warehousing across Australia. Giving users the ability to search, send quotes and schedule movements all via the Find Fill storage platform. 
The Storage Rate is the cost per pallet per week or part of week.
Storage week is Monday to Sunday.

Calculation: Storage Rate x Number Pallets e.g. $3 x 10 = $30

The Labour Rate is the cost of the warehouses handling of full pallets. This rate is paid upfront and covers both inbound and outbound loading from customer provided transport.

This only covers palletised goods and is paid at time of inbound movements.

Calculation: Labour Rate x Number Pallets e.g. $3 x 10 = $30

Sure, there are times when you might be unable to find a warehouse in your location — If you're in this situation, we recommend you reach out to us via [email protected] and let us know your desired location and type of warehouse you need.

Our team will work on your request to find warehouses in this area and we get back to you with our results.

Find Fill Storage doesn't have minimum requirements. 

However, it is important to note that some warehouse providers may turn down certain jobs for a range of reasons.

If you are turned down and can’t find a warehouse provider and need help please contact [email protected]